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The Teachme product range

The Teachme product range
The Teachme brand is based on 3 products (i.e. books, web-apps and mobile-apps). Books and web-apps are available via the Teachme website. We are hopeful that the first mobile-app will be ready for release via the Apple App Store in June 2020.

The Teachme product range can be used to support different types of teaching and learning activities. For example, books can be used to support individual reading or to facilitate entire classroom engagement around a narrative or particular investigative theme of interest. By contrast, our web-apps are intended for use in helping students to overcome barriers to learning in specific areas like, for example, memorising the Times Tables. As such, our web-apps are ideally suited to support rote and conceptually challenging learning activities. We began to develop mobile apps in order to make it possible for students and teachers to use our web-apps in mobile situations where they do not always have access to free WiFi. Our mobile app product range are intended to support ‘learning-on-the-go’.

To ensure student engagement in the Teachme product range, we work hard to ensure that our books and apps are visually engaging  by employing the use of natural history photographs, audio, music, video, animations and illustrations. Finally, we are committed to ongoing development and improvement of this product range.

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