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Digital publishing and educational app development

What are ‘Teachme’ books?

Each Teachme book is in fact an individual website in which high resolution photographs and video (themed on the natural world), audio recordings, music, art and animation are combined in

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Panmultimedia defined

Panmultimedia defined The name ‘Panmultimedia’ comes from two root words, ‘Pan’ meaning all and ‘multimedia’ as used to refer to different methods of digital communication. Thus, we use the word ‘Panmultimedia’ to specifically refer to

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The Panmultimedia development team

The Panmultimedia development team The Panmultimedia website is a creation of iPansophy Limited in collaboration with Epiphron Limited. iPansophy Limited is a New Zealand company that specialises in digital publishing and the

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Background to the Panmultimedia brand

Background to the Panmultimedia brand We created the Panmultimedia brand as a name for digital multimedia resources that support the work of educators, students, researchers, communicators, leaders and creative people

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Panmultimedia web-app

Panmultimedia web-app Our panmultimedia web-app provides student-safe, ad-free, digital multimedia resources for today’s learners. The possibilities for how these resources can be used are unlimited and we invite you to

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