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An introduction to software tools for creative teaching and learning
A central focus of modern education involves providing students with tools and resources that support digital creativity and tinkering. We created the Panmultimedia web-app to provide students and educators with safe, ad-free, digital multimedia resources (photographs, clipart and video). Our current Panmultimedia collections are based on 2 key themes ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘culture’. As educators, we have created this online multimedia resource to support the teaching and learning activities of teachers, students, parents and their support communities.

Giving students access to computers and multimedia resources alone is an incomplete solution to digital teaching and learning creativity. Age appropriate software tools are also needed. While software tools like Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides are increasingly used in classroom settings for teaching and self-directed learning activities, there are more powerful software tools that can be used to (i) harness the educational power of visually rich multimedia while (ii) creating lesson content and student projects that contribute to knowledge analysis and synthesis.

At iPansophy Limited, we use Tumult Hype to create our educational web and mobile apps. Tumult Hype is a more recent HTML 5 adaptation of the well-known Hyperstudio 5 educational software platform created by Roger Wagner, initially for Macintosh computers. While Hyperstudio has been used extensively in primary/intermediate classroom contexts all over the world, Tumult Hype and Curio (by Zengobi) are perhaps more ideally suited to high school and university teaching and learning contexts. However, all of these tools can be learn’t and used by teaching staff, irrespective of the educational context in which they are working.




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