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Our digital photographic clipart collections

Our digital photographic clipart collections
All our photographic clipart is sourced from full size digital photographs taken in natural and studio settings. These images are manually processed using image-processing software.

File format
Our clipart images are saved in .png file format so as to maintain transparent layers in the image. You will need to maintain the .png file format in order to preserve the transparent background. Other image file formats do not support transparent backgrounds. Clipart files have been resized. Uncompressed clipart is available for purchase from store.Panmultimedia under the terms and conditions of private or commercial licensing.

Classification and searching
Currently, our clipart is available in 5 main categories (i.e. animals, food_production, forest, garden and handcraft) that support our Planet Earth multimedia collection. Photographic clipart has been encoded with metadata which can also be a search aid.

All photographic clipart is freely available via the Panmultimedia website under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 New Zealand license. This photographic clipart is ideal for desktop publishing purposes, webpages, Powerpoint presentations, email, storyboard construction, video editing, illustration, and audio-visual applications.

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