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Panmultimedia web-app

Panmultimedia web-app
Our panmultimedia web-app provides student-safe, ad-free, digital multimedia resources for today’s learners. The possibilities for how these resources can be used are unlimited and we invite you to visit our Teachme web-app for some examples of educational materials that have been created for technology-assisted learning. Below are some simple suggestions that we think will to help get you started on using the Panmultimedia range of photos, clipart and video.

A picture says a thousands words. Digital resources capture aspects of real-world realities. There is much that can be gained from simply browsing and/or discussing topic areas of interest within our media library.

Story telling
Digital resources can be used as inspiration for creating narratives and portraying them in audio-visual form (i.e. video, group presentations, creative writing etc).

The communication of ideas and in particular abstract concepts is greatly assisted with the aid of visual and audio resources. Panmultimedia digital resources can be used to create teaching resources for a wide variety of topic areas.

Panmultimedia digital resources can be used as a basis for exploring, representing and building on existing knowledge.

Panmultimedia digital resources can be used to communicate ideas over an ever-growing variety of media platforms. Whether you are a teacher, a student, a story-teller or a researcher we hope you will find these resources a perfect match for your creativity and imagination.


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