iPansophy Limited

Digital publishing and educational app development
A new subsidiary company

A new subsidiary company
iPansophy Limited is a family business that was incorporated with the New Zealand Companies Office in 2006 with an initial work focus on research and education. Education has always been a core value in our family. While each family member draws on a unique educational experience and skillset, in iPansophy Limited we seek to bring all of these varied gifts and talents together to create a synthesis. We seek to use writing, art, music, knowledge, science, technology, our Māori cultural identity and innovation to create learning resources that will make it possible for others to share in the privilege and joy of learning. In 2017, iPansophy Limited separated into two distinct work areas or business activities. Our educational publishing/web-app development work now sits under our parent company name (iPansophy Limited). Our kuapapa Māori and indigenous transdisciplinary research activities are now linked with a newly formed institute called Te Toi Ōhanga™ (The New Zealand Institute of Māori economic development and innovation).

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