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iPansophy Limited™

iPansophy Limited™
iPansophy Limited is a digital publishing company that draws on the work of educationalists and philosophers whose intellectual contributions underpin the emergence of a distinctive transdisciplinary theory of education. In particular, our work in the realm of education builds on the pioneering educational and Pansophic traditions of Jan Amos Comenius (1592-1670), a Moravian Bishop. While not the first to have used the term ‘Pansophy’, Comenius gave special meaning to this term in a way that locates key aspects of his scholarly life-work as an early contribution to what modern academics have variously called mode-2 science and transdisciplinary methodology. The sweeping reforms in education instituted by Comenius won him the well-deserved title ‘father of modern education’. iPansophy Limited seeks to continue the development of the wonderful intellectual legacy gifted to the world in the life work of Jan Amos Comenius.

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