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HyperStudio 5 – a video tutorial by Roger Wagner

HyperStudio 5 – a video tutorial by Roger Wagner
In a classroom context, Roger Wagner’s HyperStudio software platform is a ‘golden’ benchmark that has been around since 1989. During the 1990s, HyperStudio was widely used in classrooms as a tool for supporting self-directed learning and teaching students the basics of digital multimedia. As a child/student friendly software platform for working with multimedia in a self-directed learning context, no other software platform has yet been created as an equivalent or superior alternative.

The following video by Roger Wagner provides a good introduction to the basics of how to use HyperStudio. To start the video, click on the video icon below:

The HyperStudio tutorial manual provides a really good overview of the key features of HyperStudio and how to get started in using this software.


Roger Wagner has created a HyperStudio website that you can visit here:


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