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How to re-set or reshuffle times table groups

The Times Table Test app results page (Figure 8) contains two further activity options once a test is completed (i.e. the home button and the reshuffle button).

The home button (Figure 8) is located on the left hand side of the wooden menu bar. One click of this button resets the app, wipes all former results information and returns the student to the homepage where they can use the app control panel to change the mode or scope of the next times table test they want to run. The home button is located on all question/answer slides and can be used at any time to perform a reset and return to the homepage.

The green (arrow) reshuffle button (Figure 8) is located in the centre of the wooden menu bar and can be used to easily create another test based on the test parameters of the previous test attempt. If the previous test was based on a numerical order of times table questions, then “reshuffle” will return the student to the first question of the numerical order. If the previous test was based on a randomised set of times table questions, then reshuffle will create another test based on randomised questions. The reshuffle button is only located on the results slide and can thus only be used once a times table test has been completed. The reshuffle button performs one further task. If the user has answered questions incorrectly in the previous attempt, reshuffle will prioritise these incorrect questions in the next test run. This way, users can concentrate on answering the more challenging questions first.

Figure 8  A screen shot that shows the Times Table Test app results table

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