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Curio 8 overview

Individual learning is an active, inquiry-based process. Digital multimedia provides a wonderful raw material that students and their teaching support communities can use to tinker (i.e. explore new ideas by trial and error), consolidate existing learning by sharing ideas with others and by creating new and wonderful ways of ‘seeing’ the world.  We created the search.panmultimedia website to provide students access to child-safe, ad-free, digital multimedia resources (photographs, clipart and video). Digital resources can be used as inspiration for creating narratives and portraying them in audio-visual form (i.e. video, group presentations, creative writing etc) using software packages like Microsoft PowerPoint, HyperStudio, Curio by Zengobi and Tumult Hype. Each of these software platforms provides a range of different tools that you can use to visualise ideas, organise information and create stunning ways of communicating ideas with others. In a classroom context, Microsoft PowerPoint, HyperStudio and Curio by Zengobi are software platforms that can easily be learn’t and used by students of pretty well all ages.

Curio is a multimedia software platform that is ideal for story boarding ideas, visualising, organising and sharing projects. The following video provides a 10 minute introduction to the key features of Curio. Enjoy!

For more information about Curio, you can visit the Zengobi Curio webpage by clicking on the following link.


Click on the following youtube video to find out more about the key features of Curio 8 by Zengobi.

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