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Company name change

In December 2015 we changed our company name from ‘Pansophy Limited’ to ‘iPansophy Limited’. This change was made for a number of reasons. First, we had failed in our legal efforts to have the name ‘Pansophy Limited’ trade marked. Despite the archaic nature of the word ‘Pansophy’, legal advisors in IPONZ (i.e. Intellectual Property of New Zealand) were unwilling to Trademark Pansophy Limited due to a lack of distinctiveness. Second, to date we have also been unsuccessful in obtaining the URL ‘http://www.pansophy.com/ for our company website. This was disappointing given the global orientation of our digital publishing work.

The task of choosing an alternative company name was a challenge. Pansophy Limited was more than a company name, it linked our research, teaching and publishing to the pioneering educational reforms of Jan Amos Comenius, a 17th Century Moravian scholar (1592-1670) known to modern educationalists as the ‘father of modern education’. While we conceded that a company name change was inevitable, we were not in a hurry to diminish the association between our company mission and the pioneering educational and transdisciplinary contributions of Comenius. For us, this association is wonderfully captured in the name ‘Pansophy’ that Comenius gave special meaning to as part of his life long scholarly endeavour.

Over process of time, a resolution to this problem seemed to emerge in the creation of the name ‘iPansophy’. This name retains our connection with the Pansophic scholarly traditions of Comenius by maintaining use of the name ‘Pansophy’. The addition of a prefix ‘i’ is intentionally used to indicate the orientation of our digital publishing efforts towards ‘integration’ of information, technology and modern digital information systems. In this name there is also a nice connection between enabling technology in the time of Comenius (i.e. the printing press) and enabling technology in our time (i.e. computer and internet technology).

Given the above, both the name and URL for this website have changed. While this change has involved a lot of additional work, we are pleased to be able to maintain a close association with the work of Comenius from which we draw both identity and inspiration for our contributions to educational and transdisciplinary scholarship.

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