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Changes in our work at Pansophy Limited

Pansophy Limited was started in 2006 in order to provide an organisational basis for transdisciplinary studies in a New Zealand contract research context. Pansophy Limited was preceded by two earlier business activities (i.e. an environmental research consultancy named ‘Oikos Logos’ and a natural history multimedia and teaching business call ‘Nature on Film’). These two business activities were eventually combined in the creation of ‘Pansophy Limited’. Since 2006, Pansophy Limited primarily focused on transdisciplinary contract research activities relating too ‘sustainable futures’ and ‘cultural survival’. However, during this time we continued to gradually develop our capacity for supporting the use of technology and information systems in transdisciplinary education and research. Our mission in the area of transdisciplinary education rests on two interrelated goals. First, to support the creation, development and adoption of transdisciplinary approaches to teaching, learning and knowledge development. Second, to encourage the use of technology and information systems in transdisciplinary education. This history records the outworking of a long-term plan that focuses our attention on the goal that so animated the ‘Father of modern education’ (i.e. Jan Amos Comenius) in his scholarly pansophic endeavours.

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