iPansophy Limited

Digital publishing and educational app development

A new subsidiary company

A new subsidiary company iPansophy Limited is a family business that was incorporated with the New Zealand Companies Office in 2006 with an initial work focus on research and education. Education

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iPansophy Limited™

iPansophy Limited™ iPansophy Limited is a digital publishing company that draws on the work of educationalists and philosophers whose intellectual contributions underpin the emergence of a distinctive transdisciplinary theory of education.

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Company name change

In December 2015 we changed our company name from ‘Pansophy Limited’ to ‘iPansophy Limited’. This change was made for a number of reasons. First, we had failed in our legal efforts

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Technology in education: an emerging future

In January 2015 we began what will be a long-term process of change aimed at reorienting iPansophy Limited towards a greater educational focus. This change follows two decades of research

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Changes in our work at Pansophy Limited

Pansophy Limited was started in 2006 in order to provide an organisational basis for transdisciplinary studies in a New Zealand contract research context. Pansophy Limited was preceded by two earlier

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What does the word ‘Pansophy’ mean?

The name ‘Pansophy’ comes from two root words, the latin ‘Pan’ meaning all and the Greek ‘sophy’ as used to refer to the study of a particular branch of knowledge.

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