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An equation for learning success

An equation for learning success
Providing students access to modern technology (i.e. computers and mobile devices) is a necessary but incomplete step towards supporting ‘digital learning’. At iPansophy Limited, we developed the following equation to help us identify the key factors that contribute to successful, creative, digital teaching and learning. These same factors can also be thought of as barriers to learning in situations where they are absent or limiting.


CT            Computer technology
SSMR      Student safe multimedia resources
AAST       Age appropriate software tools    
CDTL      Creative digital teaching and learning 

Along with computer technology (CT), we need to give children access to inspiring and safe multimedia resources (SSMR) that they can use to create and repurpose their ideas. We created the Panmultimedia web-app with this thought in mind. In addition to safe digital multimedia resources, students need access to age appropriate software tools that can be used with computer technology (CT) and student safe multimedia resources (SSMR) to support the self-direct, digital creativity and tinkering that supports knowledge acquirement (i.e. learning) and creation.

This equation is perhaps best understood and most commonly applied to well-established, individual curriculum subject areas (e.g. language, maths, reading, writing, science etc) in which the teaching and learning emphasis is on ‘analysis’ (i.e. breaking complex reality down into small manageable parts). However, in a modern-day educational context, this equation also identifies the factors that support teaching across tradition curriculum subject areas in order to support knowledge ‘synthesis’. While the modern job market rewards employees and business leaders who can innovate and create new things, it desperately needs employees who have the breadth of knowledge, confidence and academic skills needed to work on complex problems. The creation of knowledge synthesis is the central pillar of pansophic scholarship.

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