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Teachme ebook titles

At the time of launching this Teachme learning website in August 2018 we have begun the process of uploading Māori language, English and Maths ‘Teachme ebooks’ created solely by the

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eBooks: what equipment do I need?

Our Teachme ebooks are designed to be accessed with web browsers on mobile phones, iPads, laptops and desktop computers connected to the internet via broadband or UFB. For the best

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What are ‘Teachme’ ebooks?

Each Teachme ebook is in fact an individual website in which high resolution photographs and video (themed on the natural world), audio recordings, music, art and animation are combined in

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Welcome to the future of education

Technology in many forms plays an ever-increasing role in 21st century education. Wisely used, it can enhance teaching-learning experiences and provide instant access to a veritable wealth of online knowledge

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