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The team at Panmultimedia™

Our family team at Panmultimedia have in excess of 13 years experience in creating, classroom testing and refining digital learning tools for teachers, students, professionals and families. We work collaboratively with a community of educators, innovators, researchers, web-developers and students in New Zealand to create the Teachme ebook technology for primary use in: (i) bilingual, early childhood (ages 4-5) self-directed learning and (ii) English medium primary school contexts.

Teachme ebooks can be used to support descriptive, narrative, explanatory, problem-based, exploratory, collaborative, individualised, practice-based, assessment-based and multi-modal learning approaches. To ensure student engagement, Teachme ebooks are designed in a way that is visually engaging for students by employing the use of natural history photographs, audio, music, video, animations and illustrations.

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