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Panmultimedia: release in 2016

In late 2015, the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand advised us that we had finally been successful in our application to register the name ‘Panmultimedia’ as a distinctive trademark of iPansophy Limited. This news arrived in good time for our much anticipated and planned release of the ‘Panmultimedia’ network of websites (i.e. search.Panmultimedia, store.Panmultimedia and learn.Panmultimedia). Collectively, this network of websites provides educators, writers, authors and researchers access to a wide range of online multimedia resources that can be used in an incredibly diverse range of learning, publishing and digital media applications. We began a gradual pre-release of these websites in early February 2016. This pre-release phase was intended to provide an opportunity for selective enduser feedback of the sites, revision and bug fixing. As we near the end of February the process of revision is almost complete and we are now ready to move to a more public release of the websites across social media in early March.

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