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Technology in education

Pansophy Limited has always had an educational and eLearning emphasis in our applied research. From a transdisciplinary perspective, education and research are two essential parts of the much broader subject of human development and wellbeing. Our present reorientation towards a greater educational emphasis follows two decades of research that has highlighted the central role of teaching, learning and knowledge creation in achieving social fairness, ecological sustainability and cultural survival goals. Thus, our interests in the use of technology in education have a strong transdisciplinary goal orientation.

We have been involved in the use of technology and information systems in education since the early 1990s. At some point in the future we would like to create an series of learning resources on the development of technology in education and in particular our experiences. While there have been many opportunities to deploy and use technology and information systems in education over the last 25 years, we feel that technology and in particular the internet has now ‘come-of-age’ for educational purposes. Thus, the timing of our re-orientation towards a stronger educational focus has an ‘enabling’ dimension to it.

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