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Panmultimedia: quality

Because we have been capturing and storing digital content for approximately twenty years, our multimedia library contains digital media captured on equipment spanning a wide range of different technological eras. While the quality of some of this earlier media is variable, we believe that the information it contains is of timeless educational and historical value. By contrast, our current digital media is being captured using state-of-the-art digital photographic, video and sound recording equipment. Digital multimedia content on the Panmultimedia website is currently available in 3 categories: digital photographs, digital video and digital photographic clipart.

Creative Commons Licensing
Compressed digital multimedia photographs, video, clipart and sounds are freely available at search.Panmultimedia.com and may be used under the terms and conditions of Creative Commons licensing. Licenses are also available for those wanting to use RAW Panmultimedia content for editorial (i.e. private and/or educational use) or commercial applications. Commercial licenses for uncompressed, full-sized digital multimedia (i.e. photographs, video, clipart and sound files) are available at store.Panmultimedia.com.

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