Navigational Portal

This website was created by iPansophy Limited, a New Zealand-based company that specialises in educational digital publishing.

Website portal
In the past, iPansophy Limited has worked solely within New Zealand. As of September 2014, we have begun the deployment of educational websites and resources to the international community. As part of this process of change, the iPansophy Limited website now provides an online (i) ‘navigational portal’ to our emerging online learning technologies and (ii) ‘informational portal’ for our former transdisciplinary research activities.

Navigational portal
The photographic slideshow located in the centre of this homepage contains a series of embedded URLs that can be used to navigate to each of the individual websites that collectively make-up the iPansophy network. A navigational menu can also be found on each of the iPansophy websites. This menu can also be used to navigate between the various websites that collectively constitute the iPansophy Network.

Informational portal
The main menu bar on this web-page contains two different menu options for gaining access to information about our former transdisciplinary research activities. The ‘research’ menu contains a hierarchical list of hyperlinks to research programme and project summaries. These written summaries can also be accessed via the photo links located in the right hand side bar of this web-page. The ‘publications’ menu contains a list of organising categories under which our research publications are listed. In the future we hope to be able to provide hyperlinks to many of publications cited in our reference lists.

Last updated:  28th February 2016